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I was invited by the owner of Nira Resorts to have a look at this terrace in a satellite village next to St Moritz. I will admit to a few reservations as I google earthed it and discovered is was at the foot of a ski run and huge cable car. Upon arrival my first thought was concrete and lots of it and we needed to soften the area with greenery but with a eye on the fact that it is 1800m high and needs to be used in the summer and winter. The terrace serves a fantastic bakery on site and in the summer a place to have lunch and in the winter some après ski. We made specific sizes of our eatsed, barsed range and self service tables with artificial grass benches. Reclaimed teak planters and artificial grass balls and cones further softened the concrete and we sectioned off a laundry chute with some more artificial grass hedging whilst providing some serving tables for the grill. Our turnkey solution was fitted in a few hours as all preparations were done in the UK prior to shipping and we were delighted with the results and more importantly so was our client.